Sources of Funds

Streamline Your Funds Management

Easily manage the availability and assignment of funding sources with Kahua — and tie them to budgets, commitments and invoices within programs and projects.

Construction Budget Management Software

Construction Project Funding Brochure

Learn how to streamline the dynamic management of construction project and program funding with Kahua’s Sources of Funds software.

Sources of Funds Benefits
Easily Manage Program & Project Funding

Manage unlimited Fund Sources, appropriations, reserves and releases to programs and projects based on defined rules and amounts at the budget, commitment and actuals level.

Settings and Control
Unlimited Appropriations & Changes

Track planned and approved appropriations to accurately manage planned, available and expired funds based on dates and status.

Manage Reserves & Releases Per Project

Track planned amounts per project to accurately forecast fund usage release.

Document Page
Access Real Time Summaries

View overall fund summaries and percentage of reserved, released, budgeted, committed and actual amounts for each Fund Source.

Data Pie Chart
Define Fund Rules Based on Percent & Amount

Build simple or complex fund rules based on percentage split per fund, amount limits per fund and the order the funds are used.

Money Bag
Tie Fund Sources to Project Finances

View fund usage in budgets, commitments and actuals and controls to prevent financial documents from exceeding released funds.

Agility Cycle
Align Fund Rules at Program or Project

Build fund rules for a program, and apply to multiple projects, per project or even to specific subsets of work breakdown.

Sources of Funds
Manage Across Programs & Projects

Easily manage and track the many colors of money that fund your projects and programs with Kahua Sources of Funds.

Fund Sources
Simplify Management of Funds

Define levels of public and private funding sources and determine the timing of available funding with appropriations, reserves and releases to programs and projects.

  • Set when funds are available
  • Release funds to projects
  • Make and track modifications
  • Utilize fund release workflows
Fund Rules
Use Flexible Fund Rules

Assign rules at any level in the program and project hierarchy, utilize automatic formula calculation, and tie funding sources to budgets, commitments and invoices.

  • Set order funds are consumed
  • Assign based on percentage
  • Create program or project rules
  • Integrate rules with finances
Reporting & Controls
Utilize Advanced Reporting

With flexible funding controls, you can enhance audit performance and determine exactly how to constrain budgets, commitments and spending based on defined controls and available funds.

  • Funding Distribution History
  • Current Fund Balances
  • Projected Fund Utilization