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Kahua’s construction management solution for transportation and infrastructure is flexible toconform to your project requirements today andcaneasily adapt to unknown demands in the future.

Transport Construction Software

Software for Transportation Construction

Technology to Run Complex Capital Programs

Kahua for Transportation ensures on-time and on-budget delivery of your capital programs, adhering to specific project controls, environmental requirements and the management of various funding sources.  

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Predictive Analytics

Utilize secure, real-time reporting for a 360-degree view of project data from historical data to future trend predictions for your transportation construction projects. 

Agility Cycle
Flexible & Agile

Incorporate best practices into your unique processes and regulations to support project governance and reduce change orders, errors and delays.  

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Manage Multiple Funding Sources

Improve audit performance and simplify budget constraints. Easily manage and track all public and private funding for your transportation projects.

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FedRAMP & StateRAMP Certified

Employ the highest standard of security and compliance to keep your transportation construction project information safe. 

Transportation Projects Powered by Kahua

Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

How We Help

Kahua for Transportation

Kahua for Transportation manages execution and delivery by tracking the key elements in transportation projects. These applications work together to provide a flow of planning, testing and closing key activities.

Transportation Suite

Kahua helps agencies and owners in the transportation industry manage and optimize each phase of the capital asset lifecycle to successfully deliver all types of infrastructure projects, from bridges and tunnels to airport construction and more.

Materials Testing

Depending on materials, GIS location & external stakeholders, materials testing may require different standards: state and federal highway departments; ASTM; FAA; FHWA; AASHTO; Army Corps of Engineers. 

Environmental & Field Inspections

Manage environmental requirements and planning on each project; record all field inspections for alignment, tracking and reporting on compliance requirements.  


Transportation projects span multiple locations, managing numerous permits across cities and counties. Manage those varied requirements in one location. 


Identify, track and manage deficiencies on a project via punch lists prior to closeout; resolve issues earlier in the project to reduce errors and minimize delays in meeting deadlines. 


Navigate the complexities of State Transportation Improvement Programs, whether local or statewide, by balancing limited resources with extensive infrastructure needs. 

Make Reporting and Submitting Simple

Utilize pre-determined attributes, such as time periods, transit modes and geographic areas; easily submit these reports to state and federal agencies 

Connect to Existing Portfolios

Manage all projects and portfolios on state, regional and municipal levels in real-time program and scenario analysis

Reduce time

Generate aggregated report data while collecting that info in a consistent format

Capital Planning

Create optimized capital plans right from your project management tool to prioritize and forecast potential and current projects for multiple year capital plans over defined time frames based on standard or custom curves.

Utilize Scheduling

Time-phased release schedules to specify exact start dates of planned projects 

Create Forecasts

Select from standard forecast curves or create your own for accurate views of how projects will consume budget over time

Budget Accurately

Plan project budgets in advance by accurately forecasting capital needs 

Sources of Funds

Manage unlimited fund sources, appropriations, reserves and releases to programs and projects based on defined rules and amounts at the budget, commitment and actuals level.

Enable Management

Streamline the dynamic management of funds across programs and projects; save time and reduce error with automatic calculation of formulas based on rules for funding distribution

Define Levels

Simplify day-to-day project management with logical categorization of funding sources; determine and control exactly how to constrain budgets, commitments and spending 

Determine Timing

Manage available funding with appropriations and reserves; releases funding sources through all agency construction projects

Cost Management

Simplify the creation and management of budgets for real-time visibility and control to manage commitments through the lifecycle of capital projects.

Simplify Budgeting & Contracts

Leverage owner workflows and a modern, intuitive UI to reduce overhead associated with project budgets and contract management

Get a 360° View of Project Costs

Streamline project reporting to improve financial decision-making with visibility into historical, real-time and forecasted construction costs

Effectively Manage Cost Changes & Risks

Gain visibility, control project costs and collaborate to effectively manage change and minimize delays, vendor claims and other hidden costs

Kahua Analytics

Kahua’s built-in Analytics is powered by Microsoft PowerBI and gives the ability to access data with powerful dashboards readily available both out-of-the-box and with flexible configurations for business needs.

Easy Access

Analytics are embedded within the platform with pre-built project-oriented dashboards designed with industry best practice guidance

Choose Your Configuration

Determine the configuration that works best for your processes knowing that the cloud-hosted solution provides high level security 

Manage Risk

Visualize your data and gain insights across multiple projects to eliminate risk, reduce time and save money

What Our Infrastructure Customers Say

“The flexibility of the Kahua Platform to conform to our business processes, as well as meet industry standards, in the field or in the office has been essential to continuously enhancing PTC’s operations.”

Jeff Wilson
Engineer Project Manager at Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

Improve Transportation Construction Projects

Kahua for Transportation is designed specifically for infrastructure improvement and construction projects. When building bridges, tunnels, highways and roads, Kahua helps keep your team on track to efficiently manage the full scope of your capital projects, including construction documents, funding and spend.

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