Cash Flow Forecasting

The Only Solution of Its Kind

With the industry’s most configurable Cashflow Forecasting Solution, Kahua helps you run your business in a way that ensures adequate funds are available to support projects.

Construction Cash Flow
Cash Flow Forecasting
Customize How You Forecast Cash Flow

Kahua’s flexible system allows you to create a cash flow that’s broken down granularly and forecasted based on the specifications determined by your organization

Accurate Forecasts Without Duplicate Entry

Leverage Kahua Budget and Actuals with predefined or custom consumption curves to accurately forecast program and project cashflow.

Agility Cycle
Define Cashflow the Way You Operate

Determine your cash flow needs by budget, revenue, expenses or commitments to ensure your cash flow forecasts are feasible.

Align Your Teams

Flexibly align organizational goals with your cashflows. Create forecasts that match the way you run your business.

App Layers
Forecast at Any Level

Create forecasts at any work breakdown level, at the program or project level, or by region, project phase, or project type.

Create Unlimited Versions

Multiple versions provide the ability to compare previous cashflows against current ones — and update actual costs as they arrive.

Data Pie Chart
Track Project Performance As You Build

Compare actual financial progress to predicted forecasts to track pay requests per period against forecasts.

Kahua Cash Flow Forecasting
Manage Cash Flow Your Way

Let Kahua help you understand future cash requirements, determine project feasibility and scheduling, and efficiently plan your project budgets.