Kahua construction scheduling software

Supercharge your Project Management

Confidently deliver construction projects on time and on budget, track expenses by consolidating scheduling data from MS Project or Primavera P6.

Construction Scheduling Software

rSchedule Brochure

Get more construction insights, understand the project workflow and empower your decision making.

Why Kahua Scheduling?

Simplify and Optimize Your Schedule Data

Consilidate your schedule data on demand; track progress and empower project teams to deliver on time and within budget with access to real-time reporting.

Data Consolidation For Complete Visibility

rSchedule construction scheduling software consolidates schedule and task data in near real time to save track progress, expenses and field management documents.

Improved Scheduling Efficiency

The rSchedule app supports standard XER, XML, MPP files from multiple sources to simplify importing, tracking and sharing of Schedule and task files.

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Proactive Risk Management

With a clear view of project dependencies, proactively mitigate risks, allocate resources effectively and keep projects on track.

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Scalability and Adaptability

Kahua’s rSchedule app scales and adapts effortlessly to meet your evolving construction project management needs.

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Improved Collaboration

With improved construction scheduling, your team can break down silos, enhance transparency and align stakeholders towards common project objectives.

Increased Project Control

Maintain full control over construction project schedules, monitor progress and make necessary adjustments when needed.

How it works

Scale with Kahua rSchedule

Optimize your construction project schedules and collaborate efficiently.

Construction Project Schedule App

Import your Data Seamlessly

Kahua’s rSchedule app allows imported construction project schedules to be tracked, shared and revised as changes are made over the project’s life.

Project Milestone Software

Link Milestones With Tasks

By linking milestones to specific schedule tasks, project teams can easily track the progress and completion status of critical project milestones.

Visualize Project Schedules

Enable Complete Visibility

The interactive nature of the Gantt chart enables stakeholders to easily update tasks, track progress and adjust dependencies from multiples sources, leading to an improved project management.

Construction Schedule Revisions

Easily Evaluate Project Performance

Kahua’s construction scheduling software provides access to view historical revisions facilitates trend identification, performance evaluation and root cause analysis.

Schedule Project Tasks

Effectively Manage Your Construction Tasks

Easily modify, update and import task metadata fields seamlessly ensures that task-related information – such as company, contact, work breakdown structure and milestones – remains accurate and up to date.