Asset Handover

Eliminate the Project After the Project

Accurate capital project information handover is vital to an owner’s profitability. Kahua facilitates the collection of data throughout the design and construction process and streamlines the transfer of data and documents at handover.

Asset Handover Construction Software

Easily Transition from Construction to Operations

Asset Handover Benefits

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Streamline Operational Data Collection

Define your data collection requirements up front and easily record data in a central location throughout construction.

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Access Complete & Accurate Asset Data

Access complete, accurate and timely asset data to reach your operating potential faster and understand asset cost implications.

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Eliminate Asset Turnover Time

Access warranty information, operations stats and asset-specific attribute data before project close to be operational on day one.

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Lower Lifetime Cost of Ownership

Identify opportunities for accelerated depreciation through cost segregation, while also gaining long-term cost savings and the ability to budget accurately.

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Minimize Asset Maintenance Costs

Delayed maintenance due to poor asset data after construction leads to a costly operational cycle. Kahua Asset Handover reduces the cost and confusion to get you up, running, and properly maintained.

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Tie Assets to Submittals

Integrate with the Submittals process to link specific assets to Submittals after they have been approved.

Kahua Asset Handover

Be Operational from the Start

Reduce turnover time between construction and operations with access to accurate and complete asset data from the beginning of every project.