Solutions for Program Managers

Lead the Way to Superior Owner Outcomes

Got multiple clients, project types and geographies? No problem. Maximize value to your customers with Kahua — a single system for managing them all.

Benefits for Program Managers
Shift from Complexity to Competitive Advantage

Leading global program managers are leveraging Kahua’s full program lifecycle solutions to deliver superior customer outcomes today — and to lay the foundation for business growth tomorrow.

Enterprise Building
Efficiently Serve Diverse Clients

Rapidly configure and deploy solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each customer — all within a single platform.

Create Differentiation to Grow Your Business

Define and effectively deploy your best practice processes to create sustainable competitive advantage.

Plan Compass
Leverage Data as a Service

Capture individual project data for customer reporting and aggregate historical data across programs to deliver key insights to clients.

Trusted by Leading Program Managers
Value for Program Managers
Maximize Value to Your Customers with Kahua
Quick Fast
Minimize Time to Value

Kahua’s solution is tailored to the specific needs of owners and program managers — including our modern, intuitive UI — so you can be operational in days, minimize time-to-value and enhance user adoption.

App Layers
Manage Your Program/Project Hierarchy

Easily define your specific program/project structure at any level of detail with Kahua’s true hierarchical framework — and manage and report at any level of the program/project structure for both top-down and bottom-up visibility.

Settings and Control
Conform to Customer Requirements

Leverage best-practice functionality, workflows and templates to rapidly configure Kahua to meet the specific requirements of each client without hassles or headaches.

Lifecycle Cycle
Consolidate Your Point Solutions

Eliminate the expense and complexity of multiple point solutions and spreadsheets with our single integrated program management platform.

Globe World Network
Get Customization at Scale

Don’t be limited by traditional SaaS software. Instead, incorporate your custom best practices into Kahua apps — or even build new apps —  to deliver exceptional value and create competitive differentiation.

How We Help
Products Built for Owners & Program Managers

From planning to turnover, Kahua provides program managers a full suite of applications to manage costs, documents, and processes throughout the entire capital program lifecycle

Optimize Your Capital Plans

Use Kahua to build a solid foundation for your future capital projects and programs. We’ll help you leverage historical and live project data, determine portfolio allocation, and manage project cash flow impact.

Manage Design

Kahua helps you efficiently coordinate deliverables, design reviews and approvals — assuring the scope and design of each project meets or exceeds your business requirements.

Streamline Procure-to-Pay

Streamline the procurement process to improve efficiency for your project team, including effectively evaluating vendors, awarding bids and managing contracts throughout your project.

Control Documents & Costs

Improve communication and minimize risk for your projects and programs with Kahua. We make it easy to control project costs, manage drawings, files and documents, and utilize key project reporting.

Get Operational from Day One

Use Kahua to streamline the close-out and handover of operational and asset data in order to lower your cost of ownership and maximize your operational value.

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