Construction Reporting & Analytics Software

Data & Insights at Your Fingertips

Having a clear view into what’s going on with your projects is critical to your success. With Kahua, you can harness your project data to keep stakeholders informed and take action when necessary — all with the goal of delivering superior project outcomes.

Construction Reporting Software
Construction Business Intelligence

Learn how to Bring Construction Project Data Together for Actionable Insights

Construction Project Tracking Insights & Analytics

Use Data to Drive Performance

Leverage the industry’s most powerful data management platform — complete with a comprehensive reporting and analytics solution — to transform complexity into clarity.

Insights for Everyone

Allow every member of your project team to track and understand program and project data.

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360° Project Views

Get a detailed look at what’s already happened, what’s going on now, what might happen in the future, and what you can do to improve.

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Reporting at Scale

Enable real time reporting in even the largest mega-projects — with no impact on system performance.

Construction Analytics Software

Data for All Project Stakeholders

See Reports for Every Situation

Regardless of role, skill level or circumstance, your users need specific information about their projects to work better and smarter. Our platform delivers:

  • One-click log reports
  • Portable views
  • Dashboards
  • Custom reports
Software for Construction Analytics

Intuitive Data Viz

Bring Your Data to Life

Create insightful data visualizations with ease inside Kahua dashboards, where you can move seamlessly between general information to specific details with interactive drill-downs.

Software for Construction Planning

Holistic Perspectives

View, Learn & Act in Real Time

Kahua gives you views into the past, present and future of your programs and projects. See cost and process data from a historical perspective to understand past performance. See real-time summary and detailed performance data to inform current decision-making. Leverage both past and present data to enable continuous improvement and future success.

Construction Planning and Analytics Software

Access Program & Project Level Data

Get Hierarchical Reporting

Leverage Kahua’s powerful hierarchical structure to view data at any level of your capital programs or projects. You can roll up individual project data to view program-level dashboards and reports, or drill down from program views to see project-specific cost and process data.