Construction Collaboration Made Easy

The Kahua Network

Connect with the world around you with just one click. With The Kahua Network, you own your own data and manage your own unique business processes in a secure platform while still being able to share information with others. 

Benefits of The Kahua Network

The Only Construction Project Management Solution for Safe & Efficient Collaboration

Construction is complicated; collaboration shouldn’t be. We believe collaboration is at the center of construction project success and easy collaboration should be an expectation, not a dream. 

Communication Bubble
Connect with Your Entire Project Team

Enter information once and connect project stakeholders with readily available data – from the Sub-Contractor and GC all the way to the Owner.

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Remove Duplicate Data Entry Completely

Own your project data – easily copy files and documents quickly and efficiently to avoid retyping and manual errors.

Visibility Eye
Real Time Access to Shared Data

Gain instant visibility for every Kahua project by accessing shared data anywhere in the project workflow.

Construction Project Collaboration Software

Collaborate on Work Processes

Kahua’s unique collaboration and sharing capabilities allow for circulating documents and files (drawings, specs, models, photos, etc.) both inside and outside of your organization – with other organizations that also use Kahua.

Project-Ready Collaboration

Kahua Apps with Built-In Workflows

  • Bid Management
  • Change Orders
  • Daily Reports
  • File Manager
  • Packaged Submittals
  • Pay Apps
  • Punch Lists
  • RFIs
  • Safety Data Sheets