If You Can Imagine It, You Can Do It

We make it easy to transform ideas into apps, and apps into value — fast. The industry’s only Enterprise Low-Code Application Platform, kBuilder lets you turn Kahua into myKahua.

Low Code Application Platform

Get Ahead of the Curve with kBuilder

As a leader in the construction industry, you’ve built best practices to create competitive advantage. Imagine software so powerful, it can conform exactly to your current processes — and give you the agility you need to rapidly evolve with the ever-increasing pace of change. Introducing kBuilder, the industry’s only Enterprise Low-Code Application Platform. kBuilder makes it simple to create software that lets you build better. It also allows you to easily modify or extend existing Kahua apps — and build new ones — so you can get started quickly, run your business at peak efficiency, and nimbly evolve as conditions change.

Construction App Builder

No Code Required

Build Apps Yourself Quickly & Easily

From a tweak to an existing Kahua app to the creation of a complex enterprise solution, kBuilder arms you with everything you need to build, integrate, test, deploy and manage apps in Kahua.

Configurable Construction Technology

No Code, No Constraints

Quick Fast
Don't Let Your Vendor Slow You Down

Gone are the days of submitting vendor requests for upgrades and new features, hoping they make it into the next release. With kBuilder, you control your future since we give you the ability to visually build or change apps on your own so you can take your business exactly where you want it to go.

Globe World Network
Innovate Without Limits

Great ideas can come from anywhere — but they can only add value if they can be implemented. kBuilder empowers your entire team to innovate, leveraging their collective knowledge, experience and creativity. From a simple change today to transformational ideas you haven’t even thought of yet, kBuilder can be the core of your company’s innovation program.


See the Video

Watch how kBuilder is changing the way the construction industry is thinking about software.

Low-Code Application Platform for Construction

The Power of Low Code

App Layers
Create Apps Fast With No Code

kBuilder is a complete low-code solution with a wizard UI for app definition and a graphical drag-and-drop tool for workflows.

Tailor Data Models to Your Business

We make it easy to create or modify objects to enable enterprise or project specific functionality, workflow and reporting.

Enterprise Building
Build Once, Deploy Everywhere

Every app is responsively available on desktop and mobile devices so they can support users in the office and out in the field.

Benefit from Better UX

Apps in kBuilder automatically inherit the intuitive Kahua UI, improving efficiency and reducing the expense of training your users.