Construction Administration

Save Time & Reduce Risk

Whether you want just visibility or total control, Kahua is here to help with the tools you need to efficiently track and manage construction documents and drawings to save time and reduce risk.

Construction Administration Benefits for Owners
Stay on Top of Your Game

Monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of your design and construction teams to ensure positive project outcomes. Kahua’s collaborative Document Management suite makes sure everyone is always on the same page with the accurate information they need to get the job done right the first time.

Document Page
Streamline Document Management

Enable collaboration between team members in the field and at the office to efficiently manage all construction documents and drawings.

Eliminate Trash
Eliminate Waste & Rework

Make sure project documentation is timely, accurate, comprehensive and always available to all project team members.

Visibility Eye
Drive Accountability

Leverage workflows, tasks and notifications to enforce your standards and hold everyone accountable for their responsibilities.

How We Help
Construction Administration for Owners
Manage Project Files

Keep all of your project documents together in one place

Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Keep all project files and metadata in a single, secure location. Comprehensive archiving and version control ensure all team members are always looking at the current version of project documents.

Share With Confidence

Share files with all internal and external project team members. With flexible permissions, you can ensure that only the appropriate team members have access to project folders and files.

Manage Your Drawing Log

Kahua provides a Common Data Environment for all project stakeholders. The Shared Drawing Log is optimized for collaboration and a modern markup toolset and a collaborative commenting model helps keep the project team on the same page.

Access Files Anywhere, Anytime

Easily access files from your desktop or mobile devices in the field with Kahua’s simple one-click file opening. No internet access? – No worries. Work offline and sync files later.

Simplify Markups and Signatures

Markup files with Kahua’s modern native markup toolset or leverage our seamless integration with Bluebeam. In addition, files can be sent for eSignature via Docusign without ever leaving Kahua.

Harness BIM & 3D Models

Give your entire project team access to the rich information that BIM and VDC  models provide. View, measure, and markup without the requirement for any additional software.

Manage Submittals

Enable your project team to efficiently create and move submittals through the review and approval process to ensure the proper arrival of equipment and material to the job site.

Create a Submittal Log for Tracking

Track and manage your project submittals with a cloud-based submittal log. View real-time assignments, statuses, due dates and more.

Facilitate Review & Approval

Define responders and due dates, and assign and monitor tasks associated with submittals. All approvers can mark up submittals directly in Kahua with our modern markup toolset.

Provide Easy Field Access, Anytime

Know where your submittals have been, where they are, and where they’re going. Easily locate and track submittals from anywhere, on any device.

Expedite Approval with Packages

Use Submittal packages to group related submittal items that move through the same review workflow, enabling approvers to apply actions in bulk to all items with the Submittal package.


Accelerate the submission and resolution of any questions relating to the construction of your project.

Optimize Your RFI Process

Streamline collaboration with your design team directly in Kahua or via email to enable more timely and effective responses. Markup and attach documents to RFIs, and pin to drawings for additional insight.

Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Distribute RFI responses and approved RFIs to your entire project team and maintain a complete distribution list to minimize errors and rework.

All RFI Data in One Place

Access a full audit trail that includes the complete history of every RFI, including all responses, markups and dates, all encapsulated in a single place for easy access and discovery.

Facilitate Change Management

Easily create change requests directly from RFIs, and manage all change orders associated with RFIs — in one place.

Manage Punch Lists

Speed up the creation of your punch list and easily manage all recorded punch items to get your contractors off the site as soon as possible.

Streamline Punch List Creation

Use Kahua’s extensive library of common punch list items and defects or create your own. You can attach pertinent documents and photos directly to punch list items.

Manage From Anywhere

Create punch list items and document corrections with photos either in your office or at the job site with the Kahua mobile app.

Set Due Dates & Manage the Process

Easily route punch list items to responsible parties to correct open items. Document all corrections, and keep up to date and communicate status with robust reporting.

Leverage Daily Reports

Efficiently log daily information on labor, equipment, materials, weather and more. With Kahua, you’ll never be left wondering exactly what happened, and when.

Capture All Daily Project Activity

Easily log labor by company and location, equipment utilization and materials delivered.

Accurately Record Weather

Automatically import current weather conditions and easily add notes for further detail or clarification.

Collaborate & Consolidate

Request input from multiple project team members and incorporate all inputs into a single consolidated Daily Report.

Manage Communications

Simplify the management of inbound and outbound project communication, and ensure consistency and accuracy in the format of your company and project communications.

Centralize Communications Management

View and manage all inbound and outbound project related e-mails, including distributions from other Kahua apps, from a single location.

Keep Track of Conversations

Easily document phone calls, in person discussions, or other conversations where a decision was made. Never lose track of project related communications including letters, memos, faxes and more.

Standardize Company Communications

Generate formal correspondence on standard letterhead, including letters, memos, fax cover sheets and transmittals. You can apply different templates and logos based on project or author.

Never Lose a Communication

Archive and store all your project communication as part of the project record, ensuring accountability and reducing risk.

Manage Photos & Media

Create a secure central repository for the storage and management of all project photos for the history of your project

Consolidate Media Across Apps

Add images directly to Daily Reports, Submittals and other Kahua Apps. Kahua consolidates all your project images along with comments, metadata, and dates, into a single, searchable library.

Manage Photos from your Mobile Device

Upload images as you take them in the field. Utilize your mobile device to take pictures in Kahua, or upload from your camera roll to add visual aids to your forms and records in Kahua.

Attach Comments for Clarification

Add more detail to your photos with interactive commenting. Easily review comments from team members and add your own for further clarification.

Incorporate Photos in Reports

Take visual reporting to the next level by adding project photos to reports and portable views.