Solutions for General Contractors
Improve Project Performance & Results

Kahua can help you effectively manage project scope, schedule and budget to improve performance and effectively manage risk for all your construction projects.

Benefits for General Contractors
Powerful Construction Project Management

Built from over 30 years industry experience, Kahua’s best-in-class solution for General Contractors is purpose-built to improve efficiency and reduce risk for your construction projects.

Connect Field to Office with Mobile

Save time going between the field and the office since Kahua is designed for mobile so you’ll get the project information you need wherever you are.

Get Up & Running Quickly

Kahua General Contractor provides industry best-practice workflows and best-in-class cost, document and drawing management from day one.

Construction Management Made Easy

Kahua’s modern, intuitive user interface and best practice solutions make managing projects simple from any device.

Win More Business, Make More Money

Eliminate waste and rework by keeping everyone on the same page with the latest design and scope information to improve built outcomes.

Access Detailed Dashboards & Reporting

Keep up with key details and tasks, gain high-level project visibility, and improve auditing with dashboards and reports.

Protect Your Margin

Optimize your budget, keep track of project costs to maintain your margin on every project. Plus, leverage historical data to improve processes and increase project margins over time.

The Best Builders Trust Kahua
How We Help
Products Built for General Contractors

Effectively manage your construction documents, drawings and costs in an easy to use, mobile-enabled interface with Kahua.

Manage Documents & Designs

Seamlessly connect field to office to manage construction process documents and efficiently coordinate on all design documents including release and distribution. We’ll let you:

  • Streamline Processes
  • Track & Manage Project Change
  • Manage File & Photo Libraries
  • Manage Design Review & Approval
  • View BIM & 3D Models
Maximize Your Profit

Kahua provides the industry’s most powerful job costing solution, built specifically for General Contractors. Gain real time visibility and control to grow your bottom line. Kahua allows you to:

  • Simplify Contract Creation
  • Manage Project Cost Changes
  • Gain Real Time Cost Visibility
  • Track Project Retainage
  • Integrate with Your ERP
Solutions for General Contractors
Profitably Manage Your Projects

Kahua makes it simple to effectively manage your construction documents, costs and drawings right from the start.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Software conforming to your business is essential. It’s not about how complex we can make it; it’s about how easy can we make it for our users to adopt it. Kahua has given us the flexibility and ease of use we need to be successful.”

Monica Rizzo
Project Administration at BPGS

“The complexity of managing costs on a project like the Chase Center is extremely challenging. Kahua is helping us streamline cost change management, providing us visibility into the issues we need to address, and solutions to effectively manage them.”

Jim McLamb
Regional Operations Officer & Senior Vice President at Clark Construction

“Kahua is a modern, intuitive, cloud-based solution that dramatically changes how projects are executed and managed, and holds the potential to unlock significant efficiencies, data and insights.”

Sandeep Davé
Chief Digital & Technology Officer at CBRE