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Kahua’s construction program and project management software enables innovation with collaborative purpose-built solutions for owners, program managers, general contractors and subcontractors.

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Construction Management Benefits You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Kahua’s flexible construction project management software streamlines project team communication,
easily conforms to the way you do business, provides top notch security and is scalable to all future
growth. And all your data is yours forever.

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Solutions for Owners

Improve The Efficiency of Your Construction Supply Chain

Kahua assists owners to efficiently manage capital projects from intake through turnover. Our collaborative construction management platform improves data and reduces errors. High performing assets are delivered on time and on budget.

Solutions for Program Managers

Work Smarter and Win More

Kahua enables program and project managers to win more work and increase revenue. Kahua’s flexible construction project management platform delivers agility to adapt to new processes and the ability to implement best practices across all projects.

Solutions for General Contractors

Change the Way You Manage Construction

Kahua helps contractors win more business, protect margins and create competitive advantage. Kahua has the power and flexibility needed to manage construction processes, documents and cost effectively and profitably from inception to closeout.

Solutions for Subcontractors

Run a Smoother Operation in the Field and Office

Kahua’s cloud-based software for construction projects helps subcontractors monitor costs, minimize delays, manage teams and reduce project risks. Kahua’s platform allows subcontractors to protect project margins and run business at peak efficiency.

asset centric project management software for construction
Asset Centric Project Management for Construction

Kahua’s Asset Centric Project Management method collects data during design and construction, then automates digital handover for use in maintaining and operating assets. This eliminates the timely, costly project-after-the-project scenario.

What Our Customers Say

“Software conforming to your business is essential. It’s not about how complex we can make it; it’s about how easy can we make it for our users to adopt it. Kahua has given us the flexibility and ease of use we need to be successful.”

Monica Rizzo
Project Administration at BPGS

“The complexity of managing costs on a project like the Chase Center is extremely challenging. Kahua is helping us streamline cost change management, providing us visibility into the issues we need to address, and solutions to effectively manage them.”

Jim McLamb
Regional Operations Officer & Senior Vice President at Clark Construction

“Kahua is a modern, intuitive, cloud-based solution that dramatically changes how projects are executed and managed, and holds the potential to unlock significant efficiencies, data and insights.”

Sandeep Davé
Chief Digital & Technology Officer at CBRE

“The flexibility of the Kahua Platform to conform to our business processes, as well as meet industry standards, in the field or in the office has been essential to continuously enhancing PTC’s operations.”

Jeff Wilson
Engineer Project Manager at Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
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