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We help you manage construction program costs, documents and processes from inception through turnover to improve efficiency and reduce risk.

General Services Administration Selects Kahua

The nation’s largest public real estate organization will standardize on Kahua to manage capital programs and construction projects across all eleven GSA Public Building Service regions.

The Power of Kahua
Get Started Quickly to Minimize Time to Value

With solutions purpose-built for construction and a modern intuitive UI, you can be operational in days with enhanced user adoption.

Don't Get Stuck with "One Size Fits All"

Each organization is unique. When you need it, Kahua gives you unrivaled flexibility to align with your business model and follow your specific business processes.

Streamline Project Team Communication

Improve the efficiency of your construction supply chain and keep everyone on the same page with “Kahua to Kahua” collaboration.

If You Can Imagine it, You Can Do It
Discover kBuilder, the Industry's Only Low-code App Builder

A unique, enterprise-level application platform, kBuilder lets you turn ideas into apps on your own, fueling innovation and creating competitive advantage.

Corporate Innovation Program
CBRE Corporate Innovation Program
50% Reduction in Development Time
Sources of Funds App Development
Customer Idea to Industry App
Safety Data Sheets
Healthcare Apps in 30 Days
Healthcare Risk Management Suite
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What Our Customers Say

“Software conforming to your business is essential. It’s not about how complex we can make it; it’s about how easy can we make it for our users to adopt it. Kahua has given us the flexibility and ease of use we need to be successful.”

Monica Rizzo
Project Administration at BPGS

“The complexity of managing costs on a project like the Chase Center is extremely challenging. Kahua is helping us streamline cost change management, providing us visibility into the issues we need to address, and solutions to effectively manage them.”

Jim McLamb
Regional Operations Officer & Senior Vice President at Clark Construction

“Kahua is a modern, intuitive, cloud-based solution that dramatically changes how projects are executed and managed, and holds the potential to unlock significant efficiencies, data and insights.”

Sandeep Davé
Chief Digital & Technology Officer at CBRE
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