Capital Planning Software

Efficiently Plan Your Portfolio

Consistently develop optimized capital plans with Kahua by balancing budgetary constraints with business goals and priorities.

Capital Planning Software

Capital Planning Benefits

Easily Manage Your Plans

Efficiently prioritize and forecast potential and current projects for multiple year capital plans over defined time frames based on standard or custom curves.

App Layers
Create Multiple Scenarios & Iterations

Determine your best possible project mix, based on building type, project type, release dates and funding constraints. Optimize your selected scenario by conducting iterations as you build.

Prioritize & Forecast Planned Projects

Accurately forecast time-phased funds required to support current assets and expanding/contracting needs of the organization.

Plan Compass
Manage Multi-Year Capital Plans

Easily manage projects and plans year after year, collect the data you need upfront, and seamlessly roll out projects.

Accurately Forecast Your Capital Needs

Select from our standard forecast curves or create your own for accurate views of how your projects will consume budget over time.

Enterprise Building
Plan Project Budgets in Advance

Determine true project costs and allocate funds across current and future projects.

Data Pie Chart
Customize Views of Your Capital Plan

Gain visibility into your planned budget and spend levels, including financial details of projects assigned to the plan.

Kahua Capital Planning Software

All Your Data in One Place

Get access to a connected environment between capital planning and project management, where data flows between live and planned projects.

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