Higher Education Construction Management Software

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Kahua’s collaborative construction project management solution supports all phases of a capital project to help you create state-of-the-art campuses.

Higher Education Construction Management Software

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Kahua for Higher Education is the only PMIS with higher education, specifically in mind.

Benefits for Higher Education Construction

Modernized Campuses Lead to Engaged Students

From scope and cost to time, quality and objectives, universities and colleges can efficiently manage the entire construction lifecycle of programs with an eye toward building spaces strategically designed for students and faculty.

Clock Time
Keep Time Sensitive Projects on Schedule

Identify potential setbacks, avoid risks, and prepare for changes to ensure your project is complete before the semester starts. 

Maintain Funding Compliance

Simplify the complex process of managing multiple sources of funds  to successfully track and manage audits, and avoid penalties and loss of funding.

Lifecycle Cycle
Improve the Full Program Lifecycle

Access full support for the lifecycle of your Higher Education capital programs, with solutions for Planning, Design, Procurement, Construction, and Turnover.

Program Planning Management
Manage Diverse Range of Programs

Adapt your Higher Education project management software to your specific policies, regulations, and processes for any type of project or program mix. 

Agility Cycle
Adapt to Change

Get the agility you need to adapt your program management software as the needs of your students, faculty, and alumni change in the future.

Communication Bubble
Collaborate Like Never Before

Take project team communication to the next level. Enable every project team member to efficiently share information and own their own data.

Higher Education Construction Powered by Kahua

College Construction Software

Construction Software for Colleges & Universities

Improve Your Campus Construction Projects

Improve transparency, collaboration and efficiency of your capital projects and programs. From new learning centers and academic buildings, to campus renovation projects, Kahua provides project management software to help you manage the full scope of every higher education construction project.

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