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Kahua’s collaborative program and project management solutions help education construction project teams provide transparency, increase efficiency, and reduce risk to consistently deliver superior project outcomes.

K12 Construction Software

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Kahua for Education is the only PMIS with K-12 and districts, specifically in mind to help school systems across the country deliver grade-A capital programs.

Benefits for Education Construction

Smart Construction = Successful Students

From scope and cost to time, quality and objectives, Kahua can help you efficiently manage the entire construction lifecycle for your K-12 projects and programs — all with an eye toward building spaces strategically designed for students.

Quick Fast
Get Up & Running Quickly

Minimize time-to-value. With Kahua’s education construction management software you can be up and running in days, and our modern, intuitive user experience will drive high levels of user adoption.

Clock Time
Keep Time Sensitive Projects on Schedule

Get the visibility you need to identify potential setbacks, avoid risks, and prepare for changes to minimize the high cost of construction delays and ensure your project is complete before the semester starts.

App Layers
Improve Data Transparency

Leverage a secure central source of data, robust project controls, dashboards, and real-time reporting to streamline audit processes and Board project status reporting.

Maintain Funding Compliance

Simplify the complex process of managing multiple sources of funds such as bonds, tax revenues, grants, and endowments to avoid audits, penalties, and loss of funding.

Lifecycle Cycle
Improve The Full Program Lifecycle

Designed specifically for school construction, with support for Planning, Design, Procurement, Construction, and Turnover, Kahua provides the full support you need for the lifecycle of your capital programs.

Program Planning Management
Manage Diverse Range of Programs

From small school renovations to a large, complex capital programs, Kahua gives you the flexibility to adapt to your specific policies, regulations, and processes to strategically manage any type of project or program mix.

Leading School Systems Trust Kahua

What Our K-12 Customers Are Saying

“The biggest reason is the flexibility. We weren’t told no…There hasn’t been a scenario that we’ve presented that [Kahua] said, ‘We can’t do that for you.’ And that’s something that we hadn’t experienced with our previous tool.”

Sandy Wayne​​
Information Systems Supervisor at Wake County Public Schools​

“In the past, reports took days to compile, and by the time they were completed, the data was outdated. Prior to using a PMIS, the project managers at SJUSD had to update their projects quarterly, which took a week. Today, all it takes is a simple ‘print button’ click, and a real-time report is generated.”

Cherie Chenoweth​​
Coordinator Facilities Business & Compliance at San Juan Unified School District​​ ​​

“We chose Kahua for Education for its modern platform. From specific workflows to managing multiple sources of funds, spending and costs, we are confident we can deliver to our students and our community next generation learning environments, on time and on budget.”

Larry Adams​​
Director of School Bond Projects at Santa Clara Unified School District​​

“If you do not pass your audits you have to pay back dollar for dollar because you made a mistake on it. That is crucial. Having a system that can keep up with you and having a system that can track and be able to pass audits is what Kahua does.”

Cherie Chenoweth​​
Coordinator Facilities Business & Compliance at San Juan Unified School District​​ ​​

Improve Your School Construction Projects

Kahua for K12 is designed with school districts specifically in mind. When building elementary schools, middle schools and high schools, Kahua provides software solutions to help you manage the full scope of your capital projects, easily track project funding and spend, manage construction documents and ensure your projects are complete when students arrive.

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