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The goal of any K-12 construction team is to build, grow and maintain innovative workspaces for students to learn. Kahua enables school districts to provide transparency to school boards and communities, increase efficiency, reduce risk and consistently deliver superior project outcomes to students and faculty. 

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Kahua for Education is the only PMIS with K-12 and districts, specifically in mind to help school systems across the country deliver grade-A capital programs.

Benefits for K-12 Construction

Smart Construction for Safe & Inspiring Environments for Students

Kahua for K-12 is purpose built to manage the full scope of capital programs from $15,000 projects to billiondollar projects. Easily track multiple funding sources and spend, collaborate with all constituents involved in each program in one system, and have visibility to each project from the top down and bottom up ensuring when the bell rings, the doors a ready to be opened to your learners 

Quick Fast
Get Up & Running Quickly

Minimize time-to-value. With Kahua’s purpose-built K-12 offering, you will be up and running quickly, with the ability to conform and scale as your programs and funding requirements change and evolve.  

Clock Time
Keep Time Sensitive Projects on Schedule

Get the visibility you need to identify potential setbacks, avoid risks and prepare for changes to minimize the high cost of construction delays and ensure your project is complete before the school year starts. 

App Layers
Improve Data Transparency

Leverage a secure central source of data, robust project controls, dashboards and real-time reporting to streamline audit processes and Board project status reporting. 

Maintain Funding Compliance

Simplify the complex process of managing multiple sources of funds such as bonds, tax revenues, grants and endowments to avoid audits, penalties and loss of funding. 

Lifecycle Cycle
Improve The Full Program Lifecycle

Designed specifically for school construction with support for Planning, Design, Procurement, Construction and Turnover, Kahua provides the full support you need for the lifecycle of your capital programs. 

Program Planning Management
Manage Diverse Range of Programs

From small school renovations to large, complex capital programs, Kahua gives you the flexibility to adapt to your specific policies, regulations and processes to strategically manage any type of project or program mix. 

How We Help

Kahua for K-12 Construction

Kahua for K-12 is making a significant impact on our country’s school districts’ ability to manage capital programs more efficiently and effectively. From scope and cost to time, quality and objectives, schools can efficiently manage the construction lifecycle with an eye toward building spaces strategically designed for students. 

Kahua Analytics

An embedded Power BI solution within the Kahua platform delivers reports to meet the specific needs of each school district’s reporting requirements.  

Community Dashboard

Offers visibility and transparency into project health from all risk points and includes three sub dashboards (Project, Fund, Summary), each providing a current snapshot of all projects within a capital program.

Program-wide Work Breakdown Structure

Delivers a financial summary of funding, expenses and balance; dynamic filtering allows monitoring of financial health at a project, funding source or program level in one view.

Invoice & Pay Request Details

A detailed breakdown of payments that can be viewed and sorted by time, vendors, projects and funding sources.  

Sources of Funds

Manage unlimited fund sources, appropriations, reserves and releases to programs and projects based on defined rules and amounts at the budget, commitment and actuals level.

Enable Management

Streamline the dynamic management of funds across programs and projects; save time and reduce errors with automatic calculation of formulas based on rules for funding distribution.

Define Levels

Simplify day-to-day project management with logical categorization of funding sources; determine and control exactly how to constrain budgets, commitments and spending.

Determine Timing

Manage available funding with appropriations and reserves, release funding sources through all agency construction projects. 

Cost Management Suite

Simplify the creation and management of budgets for real-time visibility and control to manage commitments through the lifecycle of capital projects.

Simplify Budgeting & Contracts

Leverage owner workflows and a modern, intuitive UI to reduce overhead associated with project budgets and contract management.

Get a 360° View of Project Costs

Streamline project reporting to improve financial decision making with visibility into historical, real-time and forecasted construction costs.

Effectively Manage Cost Changes & Risks

Gain visibility, control project costs and collaborate to effectively manage change and minimize delays, vendor claims and other hidden costs. 

Document Management Suite

Easily streamline document management, eliminate waste and rework, automate workflows and drive accountability across the board. Collaborating on construction documents is easier than ever when using the following applications: 


Helps keep all project information in one place to easily track the progress of projects, ensure everything is on schedule and makes collaboration easy.

Daily Reports

Track all daily project activities and information such as labor, materials and weather conditions from multiple teams in a concise format. 

Packaged Submittals

Efficiently create and move submittals through the review and approval process to ensure proper arrival of equipment and material to the jobsite for optimal job performance.

Program Summary

Help education construction project teams improve efficiency through standardized reporting that pulls information from a pool of projects’ summaries and distributes for review and collaboration. Greatly reduce the amount of time and resources spent compiling information with these two applications:

Project Summary

Creates a record and a notification for a program manager or other projects resource to generate a report that contains the content requested.

Program Summary

Provides a view into the status of all the projects and the health of each, regarding budget and delivery time.  


Allows you to create an archive of data, records, files and attachments within a project from anywhere within Kahua at any time.

Utilize Historical Data

A complete or partial archive of all records and files within a project at any time for efficient retention of data.

Quickly Retrieve Archived Data at any time

Effortlessly access the entire archive without sifting through physical or digital storage locations for quick reference or analysis.

Bid Management

Take your education construction management software to the next level. Streamline bid, pre-construction and contract management processes to manage creating, sending and tracking bid invitations to potential bidders. 

Submit Proper Bids

Provides and documents compliant invitations to bid with a secure receipt of documents through an evaluation and award process.

Bid Room for Vendors

View drawings, ask questions and submit bids. Create commitments from awarded bids. Manage award notifications.

Streamline the IBTs (invitation to bid) Process

An all-in-one tool for the bid lifecycle to choose the best vendor for your project. 

Leading School Systems Trust Kahua

What Our K-12 Customers Are Saying

“If you do not pass your audits you have to pay back dollar for dollar because you made a mistake on it. That is crucial. Having a system that can keep up with you and having a system that can track and be able to pass audits is what Kahua does.”

Cherie Chenoweth​​
Coordinator Facilities Business & Compliance at San Juan Unified School District​​ ​​

“The biggest reason is the flexibility. We weren’t told no…There hasn’t been a scenario that we’ve presented that [Kahua] said, ‘We can’t do that for you.’ And that’s something that we hadn’t experienced with our previous tool.”

Sandy Wayne​​
Information Systems Supervisor at Wake County Public Schools​

“We chose Kahua for Education for its modern platform. From specific workflows to managing multiple sources of funds, spending and costs, we are confident we can deliver to our students and our community next generation learning environments, on time and on budget.”

Larry Adams​​
Director of School Bond Projects at Santa Clara Unified School District​​

Improve Your School Construction Projects

Kahua for K12 is designed with school districts specifically in mind. When building elementary schools, middle schools and high schools, Kahua provides software solutions to help you manage the full scope of your capital projects, easily track project funding and spend, manage construction documents and ensure your projects are complete when students arrive.

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