Design Management & Control Software

Ultimate Control of the Design Process

With Kahua, you can efficiently coordinate the sources of all design documents, as well as manage drawings, models and specs from review through distribution.

Construction Design Management Software

Benefits for Owners

Streamline Design Document Management

Kahua’s Design Management & Control solutions streamline and enhance the management of all documents requiring review and distribution, including drawings, models, specs and reports.

Design Compass
Deliver Designs that Meet Your Requirements

Keep everyone on the same page and capture all stakeholder requirements with a Common Data Environment optimized for collaboration.

Eliminate Trash
Eliminate Construction Errors & Rework

Simplify getting new revisions reviewed and into the hands of the people that need them with an automated release and distribution process.

Receive Accurate As Built Data at Handover

Maintain a single version of the truth for all documents to minimize the time and effort required to produce turnover documentation.

Easily Review & Approve Construction Drawings

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Take look at how you can use Kahua’s design management and control software to take your construction project collaboration to another level.

How We Help

Design Management for Owners

Manage Your Construction Drawing Log

Kahua provides a Common Data Environment for all project stakeholders that’s easy to use and optimized for collaboration. A modern markup toolset and a collaborative commenting model help keep the project team on the same page. This includes:

  • Shared Project Drawing Log
  • Permission-based Security
  • Smart-matching Bulk Uploads
  • Native Markup Toolset & Bluebeam Integration
Manage Your Design Review & Approval Process

Integrate QA and Design Review into an adaptable workflow, streamlining the process of getting new revisions reviewed and into the right hands in a timely fashion.

  • Configurable Workflow — Serial & Parallel
  • Full “Ball-in-Court” Visibility
  • Auto QA Check Based on Acceptance Criteria
  • Automated Discipline-Specific Sessions
Manage Release & Distribution

Simplify the process of releasing documents to the correct recipients with Kahua’s automated Release & Distribution system, including:

  • Automated Release or Return
  • Automated Slip Sheeting and Versioning
  • Automated Notices Based On Distribution Lists
Manage BIM & 3D Models

Give your entire construction project team access to the rich information that 3D models provide without the requirement for any additional software.

  • Upload and Render any Model Format
  • Full Set of Viewing & Navigation Tools
  • Built-in 3d Markup, Annotation and Commenting Tools