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Kahua is an intuitive, robust and secure solution for managing capital improvement plans, programs and projects that enables users to improve performance and efficiency, consolidate point solutions and stay connected from the field. 

Utilities Construction Software

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Read our latest utilities blog, “Managing the Unknown: Water & Wastewater Construction Projects” to learn how Kahua helps support successful project execution.

Make Project Management Easier
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As the most flexible and agile full lifecycle project management tool on the market, Kahua is designed to fit the needs of water, wastewater and utilities capital projects both now and in the future, enabling users to modernize business processes and adhere to unique workflows.

Money Bag
Managing Funding Sources

From water and wastewater construction, to building dams and oil plants, manage the release and appropriation of multiple grants and funds across one or more utilities projects.

Program Planning Management
Program Management

Enable the configuration of program/portfolio management requirements to align with each project’s unique needs.

Cost Connection
Cost Management

Provide visibility and accountability of taxpayer and bondholder dollars to control project costs.

Data Pie Chart
Intelligent Reporting

Enable data accessibility to all project stakeholders to create the most comprehensive and collaborative dashboards and reports to enhance decision making.

What Our Utilities Customers Say

“The problem that technology solves is just being able to collaborate in real time. The ability to collaborate and just have the presence of information and access to it at our fingertips. I do not know how we would function without the tools we currently have.”

Brett Margosian
Senior Civil Engineer at East Bay Municipal Utility District

Resources for Public Utilites Construction Projects