Cost Management for General Contractors

Manage Financials to Maximize Profit

Managing costs across projects can be unwieldy for General Contractors, especially when you have an eye toward profitability, but Kahua’s collaborative Cost Management system can help.

Construction Cost Management Software
Benefits for General Contractors
Manage Costs the Easy Way

Kahua’s Cost Management solution simplifies the creation and management of contracts, giving you real-time visibility and the control to manage change and grow your bottom line.

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Simplify Contract Creation & Management

Leverage best practice workflows to efficiently create and manage all your contracts in a single integrated platform.

Always Know How You Could Be Making More Money

Improve financial decision making with visibility into historical, real-time and projected costs so you know where the opportunities lie.

Settings and Control
Effectively Manage Change & Risk

Reduce exposure and risk with visibility, control and collaboration to effectively manage change with owners and subcontractors.

How We Help
Cost Management for General Contractors
Stay on Top of the Budget

Always know the current and projected financial status of your projects with Kahua’s real-time budgeting and forecasting solution. Effectively manage your budgets at any level of detail at any point in a project.

Simplify Budget Creation

Easily import estimates to establish your baseline budget.

Anticipate Savings or Losses Over Time

Know where your budgets stand so you can project the future in terms of profits and losses.

Improve Accuracy of Projections

Track the real-time status of all commitments, change orders, and potential changes to provide early visibility into their impact on the anticipated final cost of your projects.

Manage Commitments

Avoid disputes and create accountability with the ability to effectively manage the scope, terms and costs of all types of contracts or purchase orders.

Simplify Full Contract Package Creation

Leverage contract templates and exhibits to automatically generate the right contracts for each project, complete with all necessary information and attachments necessary for signature.

Save Time & Reduce Paperwork

Leverage Kahua’s powerful workflow capabilities and integration with DocuSign to streamline contract review, approval and signature.

Enhance Contract Procurement Reporting

Gain the visibility you need to make sure contracts are signed to meet critical project dates.

Integrate with Accounting

Improve communication between Accounting and your Project Management teams with Kahua — and eliminate manual double entry of data to reduce errors and save time.

Manage Change Orders

The only certainty in your projects is change. Save time and reduce risk with a single system for logging, tracking and approving subcontractor and Owner change orders.

Simplify Change Order Creation & Documentation

Create change requests directly from RFIs and build the documentation required to get your changes approved.

Take Control of the Change Process

Effectively negotiate and manage subcontractor change orders from RFQ to the final signed documents.

Effectively Communicate Changes to the Owner

Communicate and collaborate well with the Owner to build and maintain lasting relationships.

See the Impact of Change

See the forecasted cost in your cost projections as soon as the change is initated, providing better insight into impact on budgets and contracts

Manage Pay Requests

Manage your pay requests with ease and simplicity thanks to Kahua.

Provide a Subcontractor Portal

Save time and eliminate costly errors with a self-service portal that allows subcontractors to directly enter pay applications. Store your own templates and let Kahua automatically generate pay app forms.

Never Overpay

Make sure that proper payments for progress, incorporating change orders and retainage are made across all your projects.

Streamline Owner Pay Apps

Consolidate subcontractor pay requests to simplify creation and management of Owner pay requests.

Forecast Job Costs

Get real-time visibility into the complete financial status of your projects.

See a Live Projection of Project Health

Automatically combine budgets, aggregated commitments, and changes, along with issues that have the potential to impact cost, and bring it all together in a single view.

Track Projections Over Time

Save a snapshot of project financials at periodic intervals to compare historical projections with current numbers.

Precisely Configure Your Ledger

Kahua gives you the flexibility to configure your work breakdown structure to your specific company standards and define exactly how project activity gets mapped to financial projections.

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