Sources of Funds App Development

Managing the finances of public and institutional projects presents a challenge. Often these different funding sources have complex, rules for appropriating, releasing and utilizing the funds. The problem is magnified when you must manage multiple sources of funds across many projects at the program level. Centrenium has over 20 years in this industry as both technology providers and practitioners. They recognized an opportunity to deliver a high-value offering to the public and institutional market. The result is a powerful app to manage the complexity of multiple funding sources.

To minimize the time to value for their app, they decided to use a low-code application platform (LCAP). These platforms provide a significant reduction in time to market for application developers. They chose kBuilder from Kahua, the only enterprise LCAP built specifically for the construction industry. With kBuilder, the app automatically integrates with Kahua’s industry-leading project and program management solution suites. In addition, it is available responsively on all mobile and desktop platforms.

“We reduced the time to market for this complex app by 50% with kBuilder, and we are plugged into a built-in Kahua community where we are focusing our sales, implementation and future development efforts.”

P.J. Benson

Founder,  Centrenium