Safety Data Sheets

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The traditional SDS process requires subs to submit Safety Data Sheets for any hazardous chemicals they plan to bring onto a job site.  The CG collects these from all subs.  They are often photocopies or pdfs that have been reproduced and redistributed again and again.  The GC combines all the documents into a binder and stores it in the job site trailer.  In the case of an emergency, someone needs to access the binder and sort through dozens or hundreds of pages to find the specific safety information needed in the case of an emergency.  The process was clearly not as effective as it could be. Clark Construction’s safety team was trying to find an effective solution to this problem but found nothing in the marketplace.  We connected Clark with ezApps to explore the possibilities. Utilizing kBuilder, the industry’s only Low-code Application Platform, ezApps was able to design a solution that addressed Clark’s specific needs but also addressed gaps that affected the entire construction industry.

ezApps could have easily focused on Clark’s initial request and simply developed a log for Clark to log and track the information they wanted.  They could have billed for their time and everyone would be happy.  Because they took the time to understand the entire process, they were able to create an industry solution with a much broader appeal.  They created a solution for subs to better manage their SDS information centrally and easily distribute it to GC when needed.  It also allowed everyone on the Jobsite to access SDS information on demand from their mobile phone which significantly improved the level of safety to everyone on the job site.  The cost for the app could then be distributed to all project participants and for a nominal fee everyone could benefit from a safer job site and Clark got the additional tracking information they were looking for without having to do the legwork of logging and tracking information for every form submitted.  A simple mandate significantly improves safety on all Clark jobs as well as any other job their subcontractors choose to use the app on.

“Not only does Kahua’s SDS app make it easy to keep hundreds of Safety Data Sheets for all the chemicals on a large commercial site, it provides much quicker access for employees when questions arise around chemical use. Project SDS binders are easily accessed on mobile devices or desktop computers in seconds, as opposed to sifting through binders to find the right paper copy.”

Justin Rihn

Area Safety Manager – Clark Construction