CBRE Corporate Innovation Program

CBRE Building

In 2016 CBRE and Kahua entered into a 15-year global strategic agreement whereby CBRE uses Kahua to manage a wide range of projects across its global client base.  CBRE utilizes Kahua globally, with clients in markets across the Americas, APAC and EMEA regions and a user base of approximately 4,000 users.  Through this long term agreement, CBRE and Kahua will jointly develop application technology to address the unique needs of real estate occupiers, owners, contractors, architects and engineers operating with the project management supply chain.

As an industry leader, CBRE believes that agility and innovation are key to their competitive advantage. The faster they can convert new ideas into actual software, the more value they can deliver to their customers. The traditional industry model where companies submit ideas and requests for new functionality to their software vendor and hope that they find their way into the next release was an impediment to innovation for CBRE.

Using kBuilder, CBRE has built a completely self-sufficient internal process that collects new software requirements and ideas from their project teams, prioritizes those new ideas based on CBRE’s specific needs, and converts those ideas into modifications to Kahua apps or new apps without any reliance on Kahua’s development team. This forward-thinking approach led to CBRE receiving the Innovation Award at the 2019 Enabling Innovation industry conference.

“It’s exciting to see the role that technology can play to enhance the way we provide insights to the industry.”

Chris Smith

Project Management, CBRE