Construction Document Software for Contractors

Keep Your Documents Under Control

Simplify your operations, connect field to office, organize documents and streamline project communications.

Construction Document Control Software


Consolidated Document Management & Control

Built for Subcontractors, Kahua’s collaborative construction Document Management Suite is designed with flexibility and automation to track key processes, increase communication and complete construction projects with confidence.

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Manage One Source of Truth

Maintain your own project record, and manage files, documents, drawings and media in an easily accessible central repository.

Seamlessly Connect Field to Office

Access your data wherever you are and keep everyone on the same page with simple, intuitive desktop and mobile solutions.

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Streamline Collaboration with GCs & Owners

Create seamless business process integration with GCs and owners to improve efficiency and eliminate costly data entry errors.

Document Management for Specialty Contractors

Products for Subcontractors

Every aspect of Kahua Subcontractor is designed with the contractor’s needs in mind so we can help you win more business, protect margins and create competitive advantage.

Manage Project Files

Keep all of your project documents together in one place with File Manager–a central repository for all your project documents.

Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Keep all project files in a single, secure central location. Comprehensive archiving and version control make sure that all project team members are always looking at the current version of all project documents.

Share With Confidence

Share files with all internal and external project team members. With flexible permissions, you can ensure that only the appropriate team members have access to project folders and files.

Manage Your Drawing Log

Kahua provides a common data environment for all project stakeholders. The Shared Drawing Log is optimized for collaboration and a modern viewer, markup toolset and collaborative commenting model help keep the project team on the same page.

Access Files Anywhere, Anytime

Easily access files from your desktop or mobile devices in the field with Kahua’s simple one-click file opening. No internet access? – No worries. Work offline and sync files later.

Integrate With Your Favorites

Markup files with our seamless integration with Bluebeam. In addition, files can be sent for eSignature via Docusign without ever leaving Kahua.

Harness BIM & 3D Models

Give your entire project team access to the rich information that BIM and VDC models provide. View, measure, and markup without the requirement for any additional software.

Maximize Change Order Profits

Make sure you’re getting paid what you deserve — as fast as possible — with our comprehensive Change Order management system.

Simplify Change Order Request Creation

Start directly from an RFI or Issue, and process into change requests, and let Kahua capture all records related to the change. You can also import your own templates so we can automatically generate change request forms.

Track Change Order Status

Track the details of individual requests and get real-time visibility into the status of requests across all of your projects.

Streamline Change Request Management

Manage requests across all projects in a single integrated platform and share requests directly with your GCs with no duplicate data entry.

Connect with Accounting

Improve communication between Accounting and your Project Management teams. You’ll also reduce errors and save time with the elimination of manual double entry of data.

Protect Projects from Risk

With Kahua, you can snap a few pictures on your phone, log the details and you’re done. Capturing and recording observations as soon as you spot them will help you improve both safety and quality.

Capture Directly at the Jobsite

With an intuitive UI optimized for mobile, you can easily capture, manage and archive all field observations to save time and minimize project risk.

Maintain Accurate History

Attach all relevant photos and data over time to capture a complete account of any individual occurrence.

Process Directly to Next Steps

Easily attach Field Observations to Daily Reports, RFIs or potential change order requests.

Manage "Ball in Court"

Tag observations to project locations and assign tasks to responsible parties to ensure timely responses.

Increase Field Productivity

Capture, track and share everything that happens on the jobsite each day, including labor, deliveries, equipment, weather, visitors, photos and more.

Instantly Update from Field to Office

Easily capture the information for daily reports from your mobile device in the field and instantly update the office with timely details about the day’s activity.

Capture & Manage Photos

Attach all photos for a given day and create a daily photo library for historical documentation to minimize exposure.

Consolidate & Collaborate

Request input from multiple team members and incorporate all inputs into a single consolidated daily report that can be easily shared with GCs and owners.

Accurately Record Weather

Automatically import current weather conditions and add notes for further detail or clarification.

Keep your Projects Moving

Easily create RFIs and track your responses in one easy to use application. Attach documents or media and send directly from the app.

Speed Up RFI Creation

Quickly capture any questions holding you up from the field or office, and attach any relevant photos or documents directly to the RFI.

Dynamically Manage Responses

Track all responses from a single platform to provide visibility into overdue responses that could delay your schedule.

Process Next Steps

Manage any next steps for your RFIs depending on the response. For example, RFIs can automatically be processed into Change Requests without duplicate data entry.

Keep a Record of All RFIs

Maintain a full audit trail for your RFIs that includes all responses, markups and dates.

Manage Your Punch List

Automate, capture, and accelerate your process. Faster than paper using real-time updates via mobile and desktop capabilities.

Simplify Punch List Creation

Quickly identify Punch List items on site using Kahua’s extensive library of common items and snap a photo to capture the condition. A single tap locates the item on a drawing or use our QR Code reader to auto-populate the location.

Manage from Anywhere

Communicate real-time updates with seamless online/offline sync from jobsite to office. Monitor progress with a quick, filtered view by status, location, trade, responsible party or library item. Scan a QR code to see what’s happening in a room.

Resolve Open Defects

Coordinate work across all responsible parties and share open completion items by moving a punch list record to a different list. Attach photos to tasks and tag the work as complete and ready for approval.

Simplify Submittal Creation

Create, deliver and track Submittals in one simple application designed specifically for you, the Subcontractor.

Streamline Submittal Editing

Save time and reduce errors with Kahua’s powerful multi-edit capability for editing status or revisions.

Check Out the Library

Increase efficiency with the ability to pull data directly from a library of submittal information stored directly in Kahua.

Work with Items or Packages

Process Submittals as individual items or complete packages for GCs and architects to review.

Streamline Submittal Management

Leverage Kahua’s workflow capability to let you work the way that you want to.

Stop Losing Time & Materials Money

Instantly capture on-site work requests to create a T&M ticket on the spot. On-site signoff capability ensures you’re protected from risk.

Never Leave the Jobsite

Easily create tickets right from the field with any mobile device.

Get Immediate Signoff

Capture the requestor’s signature right at the point of creation.

Never Lose a Ticket

Store and archive your tickets securely in our Work Order app so you have them today and for audit purposes.

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of Your Business

View your company’s performance in real-time with at-a-glance visibility into business performance across all projects.

Take a Graphical Approach

Summarize high volumes of project data into easily digestible graphical views to provide superior insight into performance.

Define Your View

Configure Kahua Dashboards to show what — and only what — you want to see in each dashboard.

Keep Up To Date

Make sure you see only the latest and greatest information on your projects with live updates as information changes.

See the Forest & the Trees

Start with a high level view of company performance, with the ability to drill down into detailed documents and data on demand.

Manage Communications

Simplify the management of inbound and outbound project communication, and ensure consistency and accuracy in the format of your company and project communications.

Centralize Communications Management

View and manage all inbound and outbound project related e-mails, including distributions from other Kahua apps, from a single location.

Keep Track of Conversations

Easily document phone calls, in person discussions, or other conversations where a decision was made. Never lose track of project related communications including letters, memos, faxes and more.

Standardize Company Communications

Generate formal correspondence on standard letterhead, including letters, memos, fax cover sheets and transmittals. You can apply different templates and logos based on project or author.

Never Lose a Communication

Archive and store all your project communication as part of the project record, ensuring accountability and reducing risk.

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