Global Solutions
The Global Economy Needs Global Solutions

The globalization of construction is accelerating every day. Our platform is designed to help you play on a global scale, giving you the ability to manage international projects and programs with multi-currency and multi-language solutions.

Go Global With Ease
Solutions for Every Aspect of Global Projects

From defining international standards to managing worldwide project teams, budgets and costs, Kahua is specifically designed to help companies work at a global scale.

Global Project Management

As a global construction organization, you need a solution that conforms to the needs of all your projects — whatever the location. Kahua’s multi-currency and multi-language capabilities let you tailor your project management solution to efficiently manage international projects and programs, including language, currency and exchange rates settings by project.

Global Contract Management

Sometimes superior project outcomes require global project teams. Thanks to our multi-currency contract management capabilities, you can accommodate a global project team by writing multiple contracts in different currencies within a single project, as well as negotiate and define exchange rates for your international contracts.

Global Cost Management

To deal with the complexity of diverse project teams and international activity, Kahua lets you maintain clear visibility into project finances to efficiently manage budgets and costs. You can define default currencies to normalize your financial views and reporting as well as set exchange rates for accurate budgeting and forecasting.