The Future of Infrastructure Webinar

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Smart transportation, electric vehicles or basic road repair? With the recently passed Infrastructure and Jobs Act set to fund $550 billion for all types of infrastructure projects – roads, bridges, broadband, EV charging stations, etc. – the future of public transportation will soon experience great scrutiny. Legislators will propose hundreds, if not thousands, of projects to address the country’s deficient infrastructure.

As with all infusions of investment, these projects must exhibit value and auditability. Many public transportation agencies are already trying to balance operational costs with lost revenues while remaining understaffed. Who will get their megaprojects approved?

Join us as Cari Stieglitz and Sue Frost highlight how incremental changes to long-range planning and innovation enable a true portfolio strategy.

In this session we…

  • Revisit lessons learned from ARRA in 2009 and how the vision is shifting for 2021 and beyond
  • Learn how public transportation can spend smarter by focusing on strategic portfolio and asset management
  • Discuss how data and visualization can enable better project decision making
  • Hear ideas from industry peers on what is working for their organizations