P3 Construction Project Management Software

Collaborative Solutions for P3 Projects

From commercial administration to design and document management, streamline all Public-Private Partnership (P3) construction project activities under a single umbrella while promoting transparency and accountability.

P3 Project Management Software

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Kahua software for P3 construction management is delivering success with Public-Private Partnerships.

Manage the Unique Challenges of P3 Construction

With the goal of leveraging private sector financial investment and market expertise to improve infrastructure, the P3 model has been utilized successfully in transportation, healthcare, energy, education, and many other sectors. P3 projects have unique requirements for compliance, alignment, and collaboration which can make managing them challenging. Kahua for P3 is an innovative and robust project management solution designed specifically for Public-Private Partnership construction projects.

Construction Software for P3

Benefits for All Stakeholders

Kahua provides best-in-class project management software for P3 projects and programs to enhance construction performance and improve collaboration between all stakeholders.


Operating public infrastructure in today’s environment is a complex business. Kahua P3 supports public sector capabilities in developing and delivering P3 projects by providing leading industry tools and techniques.

Governance & Control

Kahua for P3 is increasing capabilities of the public sector with best-in-class governance and control processes.

Risk Management

Easily manage risks and disruptions to P3 construction projects with timely process automation.

Construction Performance Oversight

Gain visibility into construction performance at each stage of construction for your capital projects.

Effective Project Controls

Utilize a solution designed to meet the unique requirements of P3 projects including variation management, quality management, and claims and disruption management.


P3 procurement drives efficiencies in the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of capital assets. Kahua P3 helps constructors deliver innovative solutions that maximize project benefits and opportunities in the public sector.

Improved Collaboration

Gain increased operational cohesion between concession parties.

Construction Cost Management

Reduce construction management and administration costs with Kahua’s powerful construction cost management solution for P3 projects.

Construction Claim Management

Quickly identify and respond to project disruptions and construction claims.

Project Cost Data

Gain insight into project cost performance with powerful cost reporting and a full audit trail.


Residents, local businesses, developers, and community interest groups are directly impacted by infrastructure projects. Kahua P3 helps keep Public Stakeholders in the loop, and aligns with their values of minimizing the negative impacts of infrastructure development.

Project Transparency

Increased transparency and accountability into public infrastructure procurement & project delivery.

Project Status Reporting

Kahua supports the provision of accurate project status information for P3 construction projects.

Public Communication

Kahua for P3 is compliant with Federal and Provincial/State legislation, the Access to Information Act, Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Project Performance Data

Kahua for P3 provides transparency and visibility into project cost data, a full history of project performance data.

Project Accountability

Provide accountability for construction performance and gain insight into Joint Venture performance.

Construction Claim Management

Get notified of construction claims and disruptions early to appropriately mitigate risk to your construction projects.

Independent Certifier

Kahua P3 allows Independent Certifiers to gain unparalleled insight into construction project performance, data, and documents.

Payment Certification Management

Access quicker and more accurate progress and payment certification processes with Kahua for P3.

Project Performance Data

Gain increased transparency and visibility into construction performance with a deep dive into project data.

Periodic Reporting

Utilize detailed and focused reporting for periodic, or monthly activity.

Key Features

P3 Construction Projects Made Simple

Cost Connection
Commercial Management

Designed to reflect commercial Project Agreement requirements and meet the needs of the project, Kahua for P3 provides best-in-class Commercial Management, including variance management, construction solutions, and construction claims & disruptions processes.

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Quality Management Systems (QMS)

QMS is an assembly of quality management applications for collaboration on  the identification, management, and resolution of project performance including Quality Management and tools for Safety & Site Inspections.

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Claims & Distribution Management

Access a Single Source of Truth (SSoT) for enterprise and claim management activities including creation, tracking, and reporting from their earliest identification date to their settlement.

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Best Practice Processes

Kahua P3 provides pre-defined configuration and process documentation that can be deployed quickly for efficient P3 PMO setup, review and approval of policies and processes, and easily accessible training delivery resources.

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