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Healthcare construction and capital programs are complex, but the software you use to manage them doesn’t have to be.

Healthcare Construction Management Software

Kahua for Healthcare Suite

Discover Kahua’s capital project management software tailored specifically for healthcare construction with exclusive apps and worklfows.

Benefits for Healthcare Construction

Healthy Projects = Happy Patients

Leaders in healthcare are partnering with Kahua to increase efficiency, manage costs and maintain regulatory compliance throughout the lifecycle of their construction and capital improvement programs, ultimately leading to better construction projects and happier patients.

Control Costs

Improve coordination of design and construction teams to minimize change orders, delays, contractor claims and other hidden costs.

Visibility Eye
Enable Compliance

Improve safety and minimize risk with controls and reporting to effectively manage evolving industry and environmental standards.

Visibility Magnifying Glass
Improve Transparency

Leverage a single source of project data for the visibility you need to streamline audit processes and project status reporting.

Money Bag
Manage Funding Sources

Streamline the dynamic management of multiple sources of funds across healthcare projects and programs to improve efficiency and reduce risk.

Agility Cycle
Adapt to Change

Get the agility you need to respond to the impact of rapid changes and advancements in healthcare equipment and technology.

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How We Help

Kahua for Healthcare

Built on our industry-leading program management solution for owners, these apps are designed to address issues specific to the challenges of healthcare construction projects–from hospital construction, to medical centers, clinics and more.

Healthcare Suite

Built on our industry-leading program management solution for owners, this suite of apps is designed to address issues specific to the challenges of healthcare construction projects from hospitals to medical centers, clinics and more.

Infection Control & Interim Life Safety

Identify risks and implement measures by assessing potential hazards and implementing controls to mitigate risks. 

Utility Shutdown

Manage utility shutdowns and outages effectively with a streamlined process to minimize operational risks. 

Hot Permit

Reduce the risk of fire and injury associated with hot work with a request and authorization process to manage permitting. 

Daily Wellness

Ensure safety with daily wellness attestations for all personnel, maintaining them in the project records permanently. 

Fire Watch Log

Keep a close eye on your facility during emergency or preplanned impairments while maintaining building integrity. 

Penetration Permit

Manage all necessary permits when working on pass throughs or structure apertures that reduces protection provided by fire/smoke barriers.

Capital Planning

Create optimized capital plans right from your project management tool to efficiently prioritize and forecast potential and current projects for multipleyear capital plans over defined periods based on standard or custom curves.

Time-Phased Release Schedules

Specifying exact start dates of planned projects is crucial for effective project management and coordination. 

Forecast Curves Selection and Customization

Select from standard forecast curves or create your own for accurate views of how projects will consume budget over time. 

Advance Budget Planning and Capital Forecasting

Plan project budgets in advance by accurately forecasting capital needs.

Cost Management Suite

Simplify the creation and management of budgets for real-time visibility and control to manage commitments through the lifecycle of capital projects.

Simplify Budgeting & Contracts 

Leverage owner workflows and a modern, intuitive UI to reduce overhead associated with project budgets and contract management.

Get a 360° View of Project Costs 

Streamline project reporting to improve financial decision making with visibility into historical, real-time and forecasted construction costs.

Effectively Manage Cost Changes & Risks 

Gain visibility, control project costs and collaborate to effectively manage change and minimize delays, vendor claims and other hidden costs.

Cashflow Forecasting

Create a cash flow that is broken down granularly and forecasted based on the specifications determined by your organization.

Accurate Forecasting Across Project Levels

Forecast accurately at any level of the project with any date range. 

Time-Specific Milestone Comparison

Time-specific forecasts compare milestones to project performance with predefined or custom consumption curves. 

Cash Flow Prediction Across Work Breakdown Structure

Predict cash flow at any level of the work breakdown structure.


Easily access data to combine with other data sources to run analytics in whichever Business Intelligence software is used. 

Integrated Dashboard Creation

Combine data across data sources to create Dashboards that analyze data. 

Tool Integration with Data Analytics Platforms

Utilize the tool in combination with other data analytics tools like Tableau, DOMO, Business Objects, Cognos, etc. 

Enhanced Data-Driven Decision Making

Be more data driven in evaluating and analyzing business processes.

Kahua Analytics

Kahua’s built-in Analytics is powered by Microsoft PowerBI and gives the ability to access data with powerful dashboards readily available both out-of-the-box and with flexible configurations for business needs.  

Easy Access 

Analytics are embedded within the platform with pre-built project-oriented dashboards designed with industry best practice guidance

Choose Your Configuration 

Determine the configuration that works best for your processes knowing that the cloud-hosted solution provides high level security.

Manage Risk 

Visualize your data and gain insights across multiple projects to eliminate risk, reduce time and save money.

Portfolio Manager

Easily see various aspects of the portfolio of projects being managed.

Streamlined Project Overview

Quickly gather essential details without delving into files and obtain comprehensive updates from project teams on project health, status and notes. 

Comprehensive Project Insights

Instantly view information such as change orders, project milestones, contracts, budgets, issues and other documents 

Versatile Project Tracking

Efficiently monitor projects of varying sizes and view multiple aspects of their programs within a single interface.


Create an archive of data, records, files and attachments within a project from anywhere in the Kahua platform at any time.

Organized Project Record Management

Easily maintain organized project records from anywhere on the platform and archive project states for future legal needs.

Export Data and Records

Export project data and records into a folder that is saved and accessed in the hierarchy of where the project is saved in Kahua.

Data Ownership and Accessibility

Data ownership. Easily download to a user’s desktop computer or server at any time.

What Our Healthcare Customers Are Saying

“Kahua is a proven player in our industry, and one of the rare partners that takes the time to listen. They are helping improve our management of capital programs and enabling us to adapt to the accelerating pace of change in healthcare.”

“We considered all of the project management solutions in the market and chose Kahua because it provides the flexibility to work the way we want to work. Kahua provides the agility we need to manage our unique healthcare-specific needs.”

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