Capital Asset Lifecycle Management

Take Control of Your Projects

Access collaborative solutions throughout the lifecycle of your projects so you can deliver the highest performing capital assets at the lowest cost.

Capital Lifecycle Maximization
The Tools You Need to Stay on Track

Kahua can help you gain control of your construction supply chain and efficiently manage capital projects throughout their entire lifecycles.

A Unified Experience
Use One System for All Your Processes

From planning and design to procurement, construction and operations, Kahua offers a single platform where all your teams and projects can be managed — smartly and effectively.

Increase Efficiency Across the Lifecycle

Kahua’s best-in-class processes and workflows remove inefficiencies and minimize risk to improve overall project performance.

Access All Your Data in One Place

Own your data and project records from beginning to end, giving you greater visibility into performance and reducing duplicate entries.

Streamline Project Communication

Allow your entire project team to easily coordinate and collaborate around critical design changes and construction processes.

Capital Asset Lifecycle Management
Manage Your Assets Well From Start to Finish
Optimize Your Capital Plans

Build a solid foundation for your future capital projects and programs with Kahua Planning. Leverage historical and live project data, determine portfolio allocation and determine project cash flow impact.

Collaborate Creatively

Efficiently manage your drawing log and gain visibility into the design status of each and every projects. Kahua makes it simple to quickly manage, review and approve design adjustments, including:

  • Design Review & Control
  • Native Markups & Comments
  • BIM & 3D Models
  • Custom Stamps & Pinning
Streamline Procure-to-Pay

Optimize your procurement process with Kahua, improving efficiency and reducing risk for all parties involved. We’ll help you effectively evaluate vendors, award bids and manage contracts throughout your project.

Control Construction Documents & Costs

With Kahua, you’ll be able to remove inefficiencies, improve communications and minimize risk for your projects and programs. We’ll also help you control project costs, manage drawings, files and documents, and utilize key project reporting.

Operational from Day One

Kahua helps with operational needs from the get-go, including:

  • Standardizing the way you track spaces and assets throughout the lifecycle
  • Streamlining operational data collection
  • Decreasing turnover times
  • Lowering cost of ownership
  • Maximizing your operational value