The Modernization of a Global Healthcare System

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One of the largest healthcare networks in the U.S., with over 80 hospital locations, is recovering from what the industry might call a wrecking ball kind of a year. Hospital capital programs have had to pivot and rise to the occasion of a pandemic by increasing and updating ventilation systems, standing up temporary structures, building isolation rooms and expanding emergency departments, not to mention implementing new technology to support care and enable virtual visits.

The success of the capital planning team of this national network has been based on the modernization of its capital program using Kahua for Healthcare. It moved away from legacy systems and disparate processes and transformed the way that national and local teams work with architects, engineers, and contractors to collaborate on construction programs. Through this digital transformation, the network has been able to adapt to change, leveraging a system just as flexible and agile as the ever-changing environment has demanded.

The Modernization of a Global Healthcare System will walk you through this network’s digital transformation of key processes that support critical phases in the lifecycle of a healthcare capital program.

Alyce Menton
Alyce Menton
Alyce Menton is an Industry Director at Kahua specializing in healthcare and education construction. She has over 25 years experience across all aspects of marketing. She holds a BA in Communications and Marketing from George Washington University.