Five signs that Your Program Management Information Solution is Not Ready for the Future -Sign 1

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Sign 1 – Difficulty for Users

“Although technology should make tasks faster and easier, it doesn’t always succeed… many organizations are actually watching their operations slow down due to underutilization of technology.”

—A article about driving user adoption.

Successful technology adoption depends on its ease of use. If the system you are using to manage your capital programs is non-intuitive, complex, and cumbersome, it will almost certainly lead to underutilization of the system. As we all know, software sitting on the shelf delivers no value to your organization.

The right PMIS platform with the user in mind will:

  • Drive Engagement
  • Empower and Assist Users
  • Facilitate Adoption and Lead to Significant User Satisfaction

A modern, intuitive user experience is essential for improving organizational performance and achieving high returns on your PMIS investment today, and into the future.

To get your usability checklist and learn about the other four signs when determining if your program management information system is ready for the future, download Future-Proof Your Capital Program Management Strategy. Five signs that Your Program Management Information Solution is Ready for the Future.

Alyce Menton
Alyce Menton
Alyce Menton is an Industry Director at Kahua specializing in healthcare and education construction. She has over 25 years experience across all aspects of marketing. She holds a BA in Communications and Marketing from George Washington University.